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90 /162mm Pre Insulated Heating Pipe

£57.14 £47.62

Our pre insulated pipes are suitable for transporting heating water below ground between buildings, with very low heat losses. Our flexible pre-insulated PEXa-pipes in coils for laying directly in the ground. 

Sold per metre. Enter the amount you require. If you require a number of coils of the same diameter. Please enter the total amount, then contact us with the individual coils sizes. 

We have a huge range of stock with a quick delivery service. Compression or PRESS fittings can be used with this pipework.


Suitable as flow and return heating circuits. Crosslinked polyethylene (PEXa) according to DIN 16892/93 

  • Carrier pipe: PEX-linked Polyethylene (PEXa) SDR11
  • Oxygen diffusion barrier (EVOH) according to DIN 4726 and DIN EN15632 
  • Insulation: PUR - foam - LAMBDA (50) ≤0.021W / mK at 50 ° C 
  • Jacket pipe: PE - LD - UV resistant 
  • Max pressure 6 Bar: max temp 95° C
  • RHI Approved pipework


Our PEX pipework has a whole range of fittings and accessories.

PRESS fittings – tooling required. (available to hire and is most national hire companies)

Compression fittings – No tooling required


Heat loss calculation: For the calculation of the heat losses for PEX single and double pipes, for the conductivity of the PUR-foam is a mean value of 0.022 W/mK assumed. 


If your installation need couplers or tees. We offer a new CLICK shroud system guarantees highest quality on construction site, without time-consuming bonding, shrinking or screwing, with secure connection technology and best thermal insulating properties.

Ideal to first time users. See our installation videos https://vimeo.com/328507182

Pressure and heat loss tables, are available in the Downloads tab.


Pipe Sizings

Outsize diameter (OD), Internal diameter (ID)

All our Heating pipes our SDR 11. This means if you divide the pipe size by 11, it gives the wall thickness.

i.e. 25mm, SDR 11, has a wall thickness of 2.27..mm

O.D.                ID.

25mm       20.45..mm

32mm.      26.18..mm

40mm.      32.76..mm

50mm.      40.91..mm 

63mm.      51.55..mm

75mm.      61.36..mm

90mm.      73.64..mm

110mm.    90.00mm

125mm.    102.27..mm

140mm.    114.55..mm

160mm.    130.91..mm


More Information
Ingoodnic Ltd
WRAS Approved
Internal diameter
DN 80
Weight per meter
4.60 KGs
Max coil length
Bending Radius (m)
Max Temperature
95°C @ 6Bar
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