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Aquatherm Pre insulated pipes

Aquatherm Pre insulated pipes

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Aquatherm products are made in Germany from an environmentally friendly plastic product called Fusiolen PP-R 80.

Aquatherm PP-R pipe systems offer not only a long service life, but also excellent environmental and social compatibility.

Aquatherm products are welded together by heating the tube and fittings for a time per size, pushing the two parts together at the heating temperature produces a homogenous fusion. The joint when cold has fused the two parts together to create a perfect weld.

This fusion process is carried out in a very short period, with no preperation being required, when using our welding machines that do not require a hot works permits because there is no naked flame. Because no oils or solvents are required to weld our products, COSHH assesments are not required other than when using electro fusion joints because a cleaner has to be used.

Aquatherm piping is also lighter than most metal systems and is thus easier and safer to handle manually.

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