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Electrofusion Couplers

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Technologically advanced joining solutions

Specifically designed for ease of assembly and to provide optimum efficiency during the welding process, our range of universal black electrofusion fittings offers specifiers and installers a high performance jointing solution for their whole polyethylene (PE) pipeline system.

Our extensive industry knowledge in the design and manufacture of electrofusion fittings means that we are continually developing

smarter solutions that offer maximum joint integrity, are easy to install and are robust in operation. Our strength in innovation is also delivering for our customers, as we bring to market technologically advanced fittings that provide installation time savings and efficiencies, with a service life of over 100 years when installed correctly.

Our fittings are manufactured in our ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 accredited facilities. They are extensively tested in our dedicated laboratories, providing the assurance of a high performance fitting solution for your PE pipeline network.


Features and Benefits

  • Manufactured from high strength polyethylene (PE100)

  • Exposed wire technology for maximum heat transfer during the fusion process

  • Patented Easigrip® technology for large diameter fittings for ease of handling during installation

  • 80V couplers significantly save on installation time due to shorter fuse times

  • Simultaneous socket fusion for all fittings

  • A range of lightweight profiled fittings for ease of use

  • A range of universal fittings

  • Barcode technology - for automatic temperature compensating fusion times and fitting traceability

  • Manual fusion times on the body of the fitting

  • Corrosion resistant

  • End-load bearing jointing system

  • Manufactured with insertion stops to ensure the pipe is fully engaged



Our electrofusion fittings are approved to the most stringent national, international or in-house specifications and some of our fittings have been developed for specific markets or to meet particular customer requirements.


• BS EN 1555-3 - KM 596928
• GIS/PL2-4 - KM 538462
• DVGW GW 335-B2
• MPA Darmstadt - K 1598/12.2014
• IIP Certification of Conformity to EN 1555-3

Water and wastewater

• BS EN 12201-3 - KM 597648
• WRAS approved materials
• DVGW GW 335-B2
• MPA Darmstadt - K 1597/12.2014
• IIP Certification of Conformity to EN 12201-3

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