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The INSTAFLEX plastic pipeline system is ideally suited for applications in building technology, whether cold or hot water, cooling systems or compressed air lines


INSTAFLEX is a state-of-the-art plastic piping system for applications in the building technology. The main areas of application are hot and cold water, cooling systems and compressed air. 

The INSTAFLEX system has been designed to meet the highest demands in a variety of applications - from distribution lines to individual extraction points. 



The INSTAFLEX plastic pipeline system is designed to meet the highest requirements of diverse building technology applications – from distribution to the extraction point. Polybutene, a material specially developed for these applications, offers numerous benefits, from limited expansion force to low weight, space-saving installation, simple processing and high hygiene during operation.

Whether building a new house or remodeling an old one, this full plastic system offers a range of key advantages: 

Cost-efficient prefabrication 
Quick and safe handling and installation 
Wide product range 

Of all the available full plastic systems, polybutene is subject to the lowest rate of thermal expansion. As the expansion forces are much lower - 30 times lower than steel and 10 times lower than composite pipes. The material can absorb any expansion in itself. There is no need for expansion pieces or expansion joints. It also allows the use of commercially available fastenings and fixtures. The result: clean installa- tions which are pleasing to the eye - even if space is tight. 


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