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PP-R - Heating and Chilled Water Services

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aquatherm blue

aquatherm blue pipe, our specialty for distributing cooling and heating in closed systems as well as in several industrial applications. It was deve- loped in order to prevent corrosion in heating system pipes and quickly ex- panded its range of application, with many positive features for other fields of piping installation. It has gone on to find success around the world in hotels, stadiums, schools, offices, and industrial applications. In addition to the general advantages of the PP-R pipesystem aquatherm blue pipe in com- parison with the aquatherm green pipe system it offers higher volumetric current values due to smaller wall thickness.

Heating and air-conditioning

aquatherm blue pipe includes all pipe installation components for chilled water, hot and various industrial applications. Reduced wall thickness offers higher flow rates and the products are stabilised under heat.

Ice surface cooling

The ice surface cooling system is made of an ideal combination of aqua- therm blue pipe and and aquatherm green pipe components. For the construction of mobile ice rink surfaces the pipework is completed with aquatherm blue pipe components. The distribution pipes as well as the manifold connecting pipes are made from aquatherm blue pipes and connected by reverse return (Tichelmann- principle). The weld-in saddle technique, developed by aquatherm, is ap- plied for the production of manifold branches.

Under soil heating

To keep a pitch with natural or artificial turf free from ice and snow aqua- therm offers a system to provide an under soil heating efficiently and in consideration of environmental aspects.

The ideal combination of aquatherm blue pipe and aquatherm green pipe compounds creates this condition

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Heating and Chilled Water Services - NOT FOR DRINKING WATER
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