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40mm UNO Sanitary Pre Insulated Water pipe

40mm / 91mm Sanitary pipe
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This pipework is used for distributing cold and hot water, below ground between buildings. Flexible pre-insulated PEXa-pipes in coils for laying directly in the ground. Suitable for cold and hot water systems. Crosslinked polyethylene (PEXa) according to DIN 16892/93

Fully bonded insulation with low very heat losses.

If you require any advice about pipe sizing please contact us on sales@ingoodnic.com


Cross section of Pipe (see photo)

1 - Carrier pipe: PEX-linked Polyethylene (PEXa) - SDR 7.4

2 - Insulation: PUR - foam - LAMBDA (50) ≤0.021W / mK at 50 ° C

3 - Jacket pipe:PE - LD - UV resistant Max pressure 6 Bar: max temp 95°C

Pipe Sizings

Outsize diameter (OD), Internal diameter (ID)

All our Sanitary sizes our SDR 7.4. This means if you divide the pipe size by 7.4 it gives the wall thickness.

i.e. 25mm, SDR 7.4, has a wall thickness of 3.38mm

OD.                 ID.

25mm     18.24..mm

32mm.    23.35..mm

40mm.    29.19..mm

50mm.    36.49..mm 

63mm.     45.97..mm

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40mm / 91mm Sanitary pipe
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