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Underfloor heating and Pitch Heating

Under soil heating

To keep a pitch with natural or artificial turf free from ice and snow aqua- therm offers a system to provide an under soil heating efficiently and in consideration of environmental aspects. The ideal combination of aquatherm blue pipe and aquatherm green pipe compounds creates this condition.

These types of projects require design and planning. If you are interested in this type of installations, please can us directly.

  • Train station platforms – snow/ice melt.
  • Training pitch – snow/ice melt.
  • Carpark and walk ways – snow/ice melt.
  • Helipads and run ways – snow/ice melt.


Underfloor Heating

Ingoodnic Ltd can offer a range of underfloor heating systems to suit your project needs. Whether you are considering retrofitting underfloor heating into your property or a new installation, we can offer the right system for you. We use prequalified authorised installers across the UK to install our underfloor heating products. This insures a quality installation. It would also be possible for end users to fix the pipework themselves in their property. We can gladly advise on this as well.
Please send over a drawing of your property and we can get things started.
The more information you can give this at the start of this process will ensure a much more optimised design. If you know your floor finishes, please could you provide these at the start. This will enable our designers to accurately predict the heat outputs in all areas
All our underfloor Systems can be designed to:- BSEN1264
From offering this product from many years, we know at Ingoodnic Ltd that the key aspect of underfloor heating installs, is the commissioning of the system and the controls being used. Our commissioning information will be provided on our detailed design drawings. As part of our service we check this after the installation.
The control system that we would suggest on our domestic schemes would be Heatmiser. This control system is easy to install and operate afterwards. It can also easily be connected to an android or iphone, with no monthly costs.

Commercial underfloor

If you are considering commercial underfloor heating installations in your warehouse, office space or poultry buildings such as chicken sheds, we have a number of case studies and customer references we can offer you in this area.
Please contact us and we can explain things further. 95% of products are available for next day delivery. 
Detailed design drawings are emailed at the time of products being dispatched


Different UF Systems

Screed System

Solid floor constructions are one of the simplest, most cost effective ways of installing UFH. The pipes are laid on insulation then covered with screed which acts as a large heat conductor. There are two types of screed that can be used over the pipes; traditional sand/cement or specialist Anhydrite flow screed.
Where the pipe is laid on insulation with sand/cement the optimum screed depth is 65mm for domestic and 75mm for commercial applications. The same situation with an Anhydrite screed will only call for a nominal screed thickness of 50-55mm.
• Best suited for Pex Pipe.
• Maximum outputs: 100w/m2 - Stone/tile/carpet
70 w/m2 - Timber floor finishes
• Flow temperatures 40 - 50°C
• BS EN1264 design on request.

Floating Floor

This is an ideal system for retrofitting underfloor heating, or as an alternative to screed floors. The system can also be installed when underfloor heating was not considered at the design stage and the insulation and concrete slab has already been laid. The expanded EPS grade pre-grooved and foil faced insulation can be laid on top of any sub floor with the final floor finish “floated” on top. The grooves accept 16mm pipe (usually FlexiPex) at 150mm centres and the boards come complete with end returns and feeder runs so there is no need to purchase additional items.
• Best suited for FlexiPex 16mm Pipe
• Maximum Outputs :- 70w/m2
• Flow Temperature :- 45 – 58°c

Double Plates

UFH pipework can be laid between timber joists with the help of heat emission plates. The plates are generally designed for suspension over joists at 400mm centres and are manufactured with grooves set at 200mm centres that the pipe is clipped into.

It is essential that the insulation is installed between joists as close to the underside of the plates as possible. Typically a minimum 100mm of mineral wool is used, or what conforms to all parts of the Building Regulations.
• Best suited for FlexiPex 16mm Pipe
• Maximum Outputs :- 70w/m2
• Flow Temperature :- 45 – 58°c

Overlay Systems

The Overboard heavy system is a low profile dry underfloor heating system that has been designed so any increase in floor height is kept to a minimum. The total height of the underfloor heating system is 18mm including the 12mm FlexiPex pipe and is installed over the top of existing floors. For example, it is ideal for timber frame buildings where the floor deck has already been installed or when original floor boards are not being taken up in refurbishments. The Overboard Heavy system is ideal to use with heat pumps as the cement board is low in resistance meaning water temperatures can be kept low.

e-mail us your drawing now and we will send over a quotation


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