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On Site De-coiling Platform

Weekly HIRE - On Site De-coiling Platform

On site - uncoiling platform
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General Information

The uncoiling platform is used for uncoiling of different types of Ingoodnic flexible plastic pre-insulated pipes (KELIT PEX, FibreFlex, FibreFlex Pro). The uncoiling platform can be used for coils of Ingoodnic flexible pipes of all dimensions, it is strongly recommended to use uncoiling platform when uncoiling flexible pipes with jacket pipe dimension 142 or bigger.
Size of assembled tool (ODxH): 4000x1570 mm
NETT weight: 295 kg
GROSS weight (with packaging): 340 kg
Max pipe coil load weight: 1200 kg


Technical description

Ingoodnic uncoiling platform is made of steel and consists of two major parts: fixed bottom base and upper rotating frame. There is a bearing between the upper frame and the bottom base, which allows free rotation of the upper frame. The upper frame bars have telescopic extension system for adjusting uncoiling platform for different coil sizes. Four central rods allow to fix pipe coil on the central position. Different positions of central rods on the upper frame bars allow to fit the uncoiling platform for pipe coils with different inner diameter. The bottom base has support pins, which secure uncoiling platform against excessive loads when loading a heavy pipe coil. Always set all 4 support pins when loading a coil!
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Ingoodnic Ltd
WRAS Approved
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On site - uncoiling platform
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