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WPL-A Premium pack 7

WPL-A Premium pack 7
£19,814.40 £16,512.00

Air source heat pump WPL-A Premium pack 7

  • Type WPL-A Premium Pack 7
  • Article number 204906
  • Energy efficency A+++ (35 °C)
  • Energy efficency A+++ (55 °C)

Application • Mono block heat pump with output-dependent control, with highly integrated indoor module for space saving and rapid installation. • Flow temperatures of up to 75 °C are available for room heating and DHW heating. • It can be used in a wide range of different heating distribution systems, as the heat pump is separated from the heat distribution system by means of an integral buffer cylinder. • The indoor module contains the following: DHW cylinder, cylinder charging pump, heating circuit pump, 3/2-way diverter valve, safety valve, electric emergency/auxiliary heater and the heat pump manager which is used to control the system.

  • Air source heat pump set for maximum efficiency in new build or modernisation
  • Mono block heat pump, with its variable speed compressors, ensures perfectly matched heating output and high flow temperatures all year round
  • DHW cylinder and buffer cylinder with integral hydraulic components including heat pump manager for heat pumps and heating circuit connection in a single casing
  • Thanks to flow separation, the heating system can be integrated easily and very safely
Included in the Kit:-
1 no. Air source heat pump WPL-A 07 HK 230 Premium
1 no. Integral cylinder set HSBC 200 S (GB) set
1 no. Remote control FET, control unit accessory
1 no. Internet Service Gateway ISG web, control unit accessory
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WPL-A Premium pack 7
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